Nonviolent Communication In Marketing

A few month ago I attended a talk by Joanne Lescher, a communication expert and specialist in Nonviolent Communication.

Step up your marketing: Learn how to use Nonviolent Communication tactics.

Step up your marketing: Learn how to use Nonviolent Communication tactics.

I’d long heard about NVC, as it’s called, though had yet to learn more about it. Suffice to say it was very worthwhile. And I want to share a few keys I learned from that event – since it absolutely directly impacts our marketing strategies.

  1. Listen to understand, not to reply. Like Joanne told us, speak the language of Giraffe. (Want to know more about that? Contact Joanne.)
  2. Most people listen to reply, not to understand. Take your time listening.
  3. Observation is key – stating factual information, vs. evaluation.
  4. Feelings are key – one word descriptions, vs. criticism and thoughts.
  5. Focus on needs. Needs are values, vs. strategies. All needs are equal – your needs hold the same value as mine, regardless of what they are.
  6. Make requests like “would you be willing…”, vs. demands.

I think one of my favorite takeaways is that NVC has no space for apologies. I LOVED when I asked Joanne how/if they fit with the NVC model and she said no, they don’t. Because when you reason out communication with the NVC tactics, there’s no need or purpose for it. Plus, as she said, lots of people apologize without either meaning it or not really understanding what’s really at stake.

I highly recommend looking into and learning about Nonviolent Communication. When we can exercise tactics like the ones listed above, we can better communicate with everyone – target markets, clients, possible audience, everyone.

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