ginger johnson human connection

“Oh shit, this is working!!”

“I’m feeling more empowered about charging what I’m worth.”

“I really had a blast making the menus of services.”

“I’m feeling more equipped.”


ginger johnson human connection

Will you blossom or shrink?

Have you said any of these sentences before?

All of these came from one of my fine coaching clients – she’d approached me, very much on purpose, to help her grow. Like she said in our first exploratory conversation to see what and if the fit would be: “I don’t want to be in the same place in a year.”



To be clear: the above statements require her full participation in life. She knows she has to show up, she knows that she WANTS to show up, and it’s her full responsibility to do so, to build the life she wants – not just the one that’s possible.


She’s doing the work – hence, the big realizations above.

It’s so incredibly humbling and inspiring to get to work with people who will Do The Work growth requires.

Connecting people with their value is powerful.


If you’re in this mindset – that what is isn’t what can be – and want to seriously skill up, call me. We’re building the life she’s only dreamed about – she’s doing the work, starting with hiring an expert who is helping her connect with her hard-earned abilities and possibilities.

Everything is possible with connection.