So, you want to be a good speaker?


Here’s one of my top tactics: Get to the room as soon as possible.

An hour before? Yes!

Waiting outside the room, only 15 minutes breaks between speakers? Yes!

Go in, meet every single person you can – rapidly, though not pushy.

Here’s my groove: [offer my hand, shake] “Hi, my name is Ginger. I’m glad you’re here. Tell me your name and one reason you’re here.”

Astounding impact.

They know right away that you’re engaged with them – and that you really care.

It helps you as a speaker in lots of ways.

Get to the room early, meet as many people as possible – and you will be more comfortable and confident in those talks.

If you want to me a confident and comfortable speaker, by connecting with your audiences, I can help. It’s exactly how I help my coaching clients. Call me if you want to work together on your speaking. My number is on the very bottom of this page.

Let me know how it goes for you in the comments below.