Playing Second Fiddle

“The most difficult instrument to play well is second fiddle.”

Think of marketing as your fiddle section. The fiddles, also known as violins, are the strong and resonate instruments of your peace: your business.

She hears her fiddler - do you?

She hears her fiddler – do you?

So what do you want your business to communicate? Since marketing is communication, know what you want to share with the world. Your audience should be one of the primary audiences, only after your internal audience.

I like to explain it like this: Marketing should pull people in. In likening it all to fiddles today, think of music that draws you in, makes you want to hear more, sit and listen for a while and perhaps even get up and dance to it. It’s magnetic, it attracts and fascinates you to get involved.

That’s what marketing is.

Fiddle with your marketing. Bring people in – give them a reason to want to be drawn in and to participate in what you’re doing.

Call us to help. We know who’s ready to listen and how to best play for your people.


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