Connecting For Sales (Course)


*NOTE: This Course Goes On Sale On Friday, November 29 until Monday, December 2nd*
If you’re in a sales role and want to learn and improve your human connecting skills to increase your close rate and avoid coming across as the “typical salesperson”, this course is for you. Laid out in 8 sessions, each specific sales tactic is carefully crafted by expert connector Ginger. The live discussion and coach-led sessions will begin after the 10-minute in-depth lesson with the entire 29-minute live call. Yep, that’s it – only 29 minutes total.  A short commitment that will yield you excellent returns!

You’ve got plenty to do and we’re keen to get you in, instruct, discuss and get you moving. 

You’ll become a member with private portal access to login, get the directions and all supporting materials to get you moving toward Connecting Mastery.