Dinner Parties for Leaders


For leaders who want to learn the Art of Connecting, through the vehicle of Dinner Parties.

90-minute guided virtual conversation with Ginger, Human Connection expert.

You get all the details of how to host your dinner parties effectively, with fun & ease, to build the connections you need and want.

Scheduled when purchased.


Get To Know Your Team, Dinner Party for 8

Experience a new way of building relationships by learning how to host a dinner party.

Why a dinner party?

Because when we gather over food and drink, we connect on an everyday, human level.We have everyday conversations. We start talking about the things in life that make us tick, make us happy, rile us up. Through these everyday conversations, we connect. Intentionally, meaningfully, and successfully. Magic happens, connections forms, relationships develop.

If you’ve never hosted dinner parties, this is a gift you can give yourself. Leaders like you who want to get to know their teams, boards, donors, and clients get a guided, lively and insightful 90-minute lesson on the Art of the Dinner Party.


Who will get the most out of this unique gift?

  • Leaders with a growth mindset at all levels of leadership experience
  • Individuals who seek out real-world skills, tools and tactics to boost their confidence and build their careers with the simple exercise of a dinner party
  • Professionals wanting to refresh and level up their interpersonal skills, including great topics to use to open engaging conversations
  • Leaders who want to build long-lasting, enjoyable and fruitful connections for their career and professional community
  • People who love the idea of hosting a party and struggle with the actual execution

Ginger comes from what she calls a “Dinner Party Family” – there’s never been a time in her life that dinner parties haven’t been part of the world! She’s a perfect teacher and guide to teach leaders what to consider, how to invite, and how to host a tasty, effective and fun event.


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