Human Connection Book Bundle – Connectivity Canon


12 Books to Send to Your Connections

  • A Connectivity Canon Book Kit improves skills, increases team morale, and boosts impact + sales.
  • Get 12 books for the price of 10 & save $40.


Do you like getting gifts from valued connections?

If you said yes, here’s your opportunity to give gifts of real use & meaning.

Buy a Connectivity Canon Book Bundle for the people in your life who you value: team members, boards, clients, colleagues, coaches, family.

The elements of Human Connection and the how-to are clearly outlined and explained in this compact and skills-focused book. When we know how to connect we change the world.

Buy your Connectivity Canon Book Bundle today – and get going toward more meaningful and fruitful connections, a dozen at a time.

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Weight 112 oz
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 10 in