Speaking to Connect – Virtual Workshop


UPDATE – Workshop will take place online via Zoom videoconference

  • Speaking to Connect workshop taught by Ginger Johnson and hosted by Krystal and Joni, founders of Western Legacies.
  • Tuesday, March 24th, 6 – 8 pm
  • Blend Coffee, 813 E Richards St., Douglas, WY

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How do you feel when you can confidently speak to connect with & to other people?

What speaking skills would you like to improve – whether one on one, one to a few or one to many?

Come to the Speaking to Connect workshop and learn effective real-world strategy and tactics on how to really connect with your audience.

To speak is to connect with other people. Effective speakers move the world, change their own lives and make a big impact.

Led by Ginger Johnson, professional speaker, author of the Connectivity Canon & coach on human connection, this lively & interactive speaking to connect workshop will amp up your skills. Join Krystal and Joni, founders of Western Legacies and hosts of this learning opportunity.

For business, for family, for life – learning to be an effective & influential speaker helps you live the life – and build the business – you want and love.

Join us at Blend Coffee in Douglas, WY online via a Zoom videoconference from 6-8pm on Tuesday, March 24, 2020.

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