Qualified Events

Qualified events, in current Western medical system speak, means a change of life circumstances.

How beautifully applicable this term is for Connectors as well.

Are you ready for change?

What are your qualified events? How have you changed your life lately to better, improve, alter and otherwise adjust your life circumstances? What may be coming up for you, that you have an inkling about? What are you prepared to manage, even if you are unsure what precisely will happen?

Connectors are doers. They make things happen. They start movements, they lend voice and support, they show up. The mindset of a connector is to be ready to help.

NEWSFLASH: Life circumstances are always changing.

It’s best to bear that permanently in mind, least you experience a ‘sudden’ change that you didn’t anticipate.

Connectors also anticipate the unexpected. Note exactly what will happen or where life will go. Rather, they’re ready for the supposed unanticipated opportunities, twists and turns that are guaranteed to come our way.

If you’re in a doer mindset, then you’re more mentally prepared for these unexpected happenings. You can handle them with more grace, clearheadedness and thoughtfulness.

Be ready for qualified events in life. You get to choose how you cope, deal and succeed with them. Being a connector fortifies your resolve in moving forward, no matter what happens. Being connected to others helps us do this.

Are you ready?

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