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Starting and running a viable business is hard work.

For those of you who run your own, you know this to be true. Hard can mean difficult, long hours, challenging, frustrating, invigorating and so many things.

For me – alongside the hard work, if I’m not having fun, that’s my sign to get out. When I’m chaffing at some ‘thing’ I can’t put my brain on, then I need to back up and see what’s really going on. Figuring out what is truly working, not what you really want to work but isn’t working, can be difficult.

Enter: Your Support System.

Today’s post is inspired by the venerable Julie Johnson, Editor, Oh My Editor. Actually, she was everyone’s editor at All About Beer for years. I’ve simply hired her to be my book editor. She’s accomplished, smart, helpful, clever, kind, and very good at what she does. For me, what she does is edit my book. She has the skills and experience to intelligently rip it apart at the letter level, put it back together again, remove, perform surgery, question and overall take my writing and magically put it together into a cogent and cohesive whole.

Consultants help you climb ever upwards.

Consultants help you climb ever upwards.

The book is a huge project on my agenda right now. It’s one that’s been a long time in coming and I’m super excited about it’s completion and launch (9/16).

So why am I crowing about my editor today? Because I endorse hiring professionals to help you do your best work.

Because there’s always a lot of crap – yes, it’s crap – on the internet and from other people about being able to run a business without a marketing plan, marketing budget or marketing expertise. Some will even ignorantly and proudly get up in front of a crowd and brag that they’ve never spent a dime on marketing. I’m calling bullshit on that. It’s simply not true.

That’s such a bunch of garbage is incenses me that others even suggest as much. Do you build buildings without hiring an architect? How about putting in a golf course – does that owner hire a golf course architect or landscapers or whoever builds golf courses? Every single conversation you have with someone about your business is marketing; your time invested in those conversations is worth something. You’ve just spent money on marketing.

The point I want to make today is that hiring the right pros to help you create and build and maintain a successful business is a critical element for your goals. Those who don’t are doing it the unnecessary and hard way, and stupidly to boot.

Yes, it’s stupid to start and try to run a business without the proper help. Why would you do that to yourself??!! It’s beyond me.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Look into community resources to help get your started. Most communities have economic development experts, groups and organizations that can help you start writing that plan, with supporting education to keep you on track.
  2. Interview and hire experts – aka Consultants. Don’t go with just anyone – that gives us all a big chance for failing. Do your diligence and interview to find the best ones for you. And make sure you ask the right people for referrals; people who have your business success in mind (not your friends).
  3. Take your time. I’ll be the first person to say I’m impatient. I’ll also be the first one to say it’s worth every penny when I seek, interview and hire qualified consultants for my business. They streamline, help me think through things I would have never thoughts of, and make my business better and more successful.

The so-called Virtuous Circle of hiring experts, specialists, generalists and consultants to help you build a better business is sooooooooo worth it. And smart. And helpful to everyone concerned. If you want people to buy your brand, you’ve got to buy others’ brands (services) to make sure we’re all taking care of each other.

Your task today then is to zoom out of your business, see where you’d really like and really need some professional help, and start seeking out those people. Make a list of three for each area of need, interview, choose, and move.

Hard work can be enjoyable with the right help.

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