Seeker: a person attempting to find or obtain something

Seekers are the ones searching for pleasure. They’re the ones who see silver linings, when the avoiders see the storm clouds. They see the gift of fire, when others focus on the strike of lightning. They are the positive thinkers, when others are pessimistic.

The seekers are my people. People like you.

I’m new to the terms, seekers and avoiders. Props to Don Cooper for the life changing enlightenment.

As a seeker myself, it’s a watershed mindset: to think of myself as a seeker. I consider it a descriptor, rather than an absolute or a label (Abby W nails it). One of many characteristics I practice and display. Just like I’m also a laugher, connector, speaker, change maker and cook.

One way Don described how seekers find what they want is with language like this:
“Here’s how I can do (this thing) better/more.”

They’re reaching for a goal, proactively on a quest for better, more meaningful, richer, more satisfying and happy. The seekers do the work.
Seekers are the smilers. They hold the door for others, they smile when they greet you and they’re genuine.

Avoiders are the ones wishing to side step discomfort at all costs. They ask, “If you want to avoid (A), then do (this).” They’re coming at it from the negative. They use the P* word, versus the S** word. They want to get by with the least resistance and are often negatively inspired. I see them trying to avoid doing the work.

Life requires us to do the work.

And life is different, depending on if you’re a seeker or an avoider.

Susan’s a seeker.
And it’s no wonder I connected with her immediately upon meeting her.
She’s the one who tells me to ‘do the thing that brings you the most energy.’ She already fully understands what seeking is about: service. To our self first – to seek what matters and is meaningful to the seeker proper, before seeking to help others.

Seekers are positive outlook people. They wonder how they will accomplish That Thing; they don’t wonder if they can do it. They know they can. Their quest then propels them forward to figure it out because they know they can and they want to. They also are the smart ones who ask for help.

Seekers are question askers. They’re curious and they’re connectors.

Education is my golden thread. And now that I see myself as a seekers too, the infinite possibilities of teaching and educating people why and how to connect becomes much clearer for me. It’s transformative and more exciting to me than ever before. It’s started a whole new bonfire of desire in me to change the world.

My seeking questions look like this:
Who can I serve?
How do I do That Thing better – for self, others, clients, community and friends?
What’s the goal I can help them accomplish?
What’s bugging people that I can help them with?
What support and techniques do they need that I can provide?
Who can I connect them with to help them keep moving forward?
And how do I keep growing and learning myself?

These are all positive outcome questions. They’re all about true search and discovery for growth and movement and connection.

Is there still a boatload of work to do?
Yes. There always will be.

The key is to see your work as a movement.

Like my prescient friend Meagan told me once, “Ginger, you’re creating a movement.”

Ask yourself today:
Am I a seeker or an avoider?
What am I seeking for me?
How do I help others?
What movement can I create (or support)?

Connectors are seekers.

I truly care about you and your efforts. And I know it can feel lonely focused on your own quest. Count on my support.

Keep seeking.
Keep connecting.


*P = Problem
**S = Solution