Shoppers are savvy. Make every assumption of that positive.

What seems to be naiveté sometimes is simply a lack of knowledge, available information, and assistance in getting the message. They’re smart. They’re just waiting so go help them out.

In a really worthwhile article, Delving Into The Mind Of A Naive Shopper by Neal Macdonald, Winter 2014 Artisan Spirit Magazine, Mr. Macdonald covers some prescient points.

1. The sample size of the qualitative info gathered is small and very personal. As a long time qualitative researcher, I find the insight to be quite similar to my data from hundreds and hundreds of participants as well. Said another way, I concur with many of the points. I appreciate this is NOT STATS. Give me a break with the numbers already….

Little Golden Books notwithstanding, read up...

Little Golden Books notwithstanding, read up…

2. Time is covered, as is size of bottle (though they missed any discussion on cans…another time perhaps). Holidays, flavors, novelties and name brands…all touched on.

3. What I really want to highlight is Point 2 on Price. Money is such a funny topic for most humans yet it’s something we seem to assign with value, when in fact the proposition can be completely separate. The Why We Buy needs to be the more important, not the amount we spend. We all have money for what we want to purchase.

I’ve found the 3 Universal Truths we pioneered to peel loud and strong, over and over, across category and people. Price falls under value, since value is a moving target. Read more on the 3UT here.

Reading about what works and what doesn’t work is smart business for all of us in business. What we must do it take it all with a grain of salt – or the little grey cells, as Poirot would say. Ask, listen, digest – and still extrapolate as it fits for you. Pay closer attention to qualitative data than stats. You have to know the why more than the what.

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