Sinatra And White Shower Curtains

Make Up Reasons Day

…that’s what the 9th of October had printed in the date square on my Brian Andreas hanging calendar in my bathroom.

So we did.

[scene] Yesterday morning, before brushing teeth in the bathroom.

Me: “Larry, (My Fine Husband) can you tell me why blahdeblahblah?”

Larry: “Because Sinatra sings songs.”


*blink, blink*


me: “OHHHHHH!!!!! I got it – it’s make up reasons day.”

[silly laughter]

(…later that night….)

Larry: “What do you know about blahdeblahblah?”

Me: “It’s because we have a white shower curtain.”

Larry: “WHAAAT??”

Me: (grinning)

Larry: “Ohhhhh – (laughter again)…”

What the samhill does this post have to do with connectivity?

Laughing, making each other laugh, doing silly fun things is part of connecting with our humor. Humor, like education, changes the world for the better.

The prompt on the calendar reminded us that it’s fun and important in relationships to have fun, be silly, laugh together. That’s what the samhill is has to do with connectivity.

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