“Hi _____! I wanted to say how nice it was to connect on the phone yesterday. After sitting with our conversation, speaking for free doesn’t feel aligned.

I’ve worked my butt off for the last 12 years and the expertise I have gained is a worth a speaker fee. I can’t be speaking to inspire others to take a stand for their value and worth if I’m not doing the same for myself. It’s out of integrity.

Thanks, Bri, for standing in integrity for many of us ~

In order for me to continued creating the momentum I’ve built, I am taking a stand to choose to fill my calendar with events that honor and recognize my value in equal exchange (regardless of my “influencer level”).

Best wishes for a fabulous event.”

Props and thanks for the integrity stand and affirmation for everyone who’s a professional speaker. From my wonderful & valued life-changer friend, Bri.