If you want to become a connector – or a better connector – here are some tactics to employ today.

1. Greet people you meet in your every day life. Say hello to the grocer, to the checker, to the sanitation hauler, to the next person in line.

2. Smile. Make it a habit. A smile is commonly accepted human communication for, “I’m glad to see you.”

3. Write letters, cards and notes to people. Write to people who cross your mind whom you haven’t seen or spoken to in a long while, a short while or who you saw last week.

4. Express gratitude, daily. Find at least one specific element of your day, life and happenings that you’re grateful for. Say it out loud: “I’m grateful for _____.” Mean it.

5. Share. With props to Kindergarten teachers everywhere, sharing is a sign of connectivity. Those who share make the world a better place.

6. Give a gift. Flowers, chocolate, an umbrella to someone who could use it (you’re waterproof), buy someone lunch anonymously, deliver a meal, offer to pick someone up from the airport.

7. Charge what you’re worth. Know your value, set & hold your bar high. Connectors value themselves first, which provides greater confidence in connecting with other people. FYI – it’s not arrogance – it’s worth.

Want more?

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