Success You Had….

Recently I was cleaning out some files from a box that’s moved with me across country through various residences. It was time to fish or cut bait with the heavy box of papers. Time to cut bait.

Inside the box lived an assortment of large mailing envelopes with papers my mom had saved from my years of Grade 1 – 12 school. Talk about a walk down memory lane. And many times a whole new experience, as I certainly don’t remember everything about all of those years.

It was fun to look through it all. My writing style develop starting with the ol’ stick and ball, then cursive, then how my cursive and style started to emerge and change. Remembering people – classmates, teachers, and others – who were part of my growing up. The stories I wrote that she saved were funny, amusing, and curious. There was a plethora of my drawings and clippings and musings on horses too. I had a good imagination then, as I do now.

Ginger's 10th Grade Success Inventory

Ginger’s 10th Grade Success Inventory

One sheet in particular caught my attention. “Success Inventory” from 10th Grade. While I don’t know from which class or teacher it came, I do like the idea of it. Here how it starts:

  • “Write a statement after each explanation explaining one success about yourself:
  • Success you had with people in general:
  • Success you have with a person of the opposite sex:
  • Success you had within yourself:
  • Success you have with a project:”

And on it went with a total of 22 requests for completion of success starters.

Like the Ginsu knives – wait, there’s more! Yep, the final three points to complete include:

  • “Your greatest success? Why?
  • What would you use as a symbol of your successes: (an object, something small enough that you could carry it, a color, a possession, etc.)
  • Why?”

In looking it over, I clearly filled out about 3/4 of the sheet….perhaps it was an open-ended, get-us-thinking exercise.

Clearly it’s got me thinking now. To my successes, especially when I feel like I’m spinning my wheels. Successes when I feel successful. Successes in the future tense.

How about you – what have you been successful at, starting with this week?

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