At the 2019 Art of Connecting Summit, I invited guests to submit concerns, questions and challenges along with things they’d like to learn in advance.

Several people did and I’ll share some of the questions here on the blog.


This isn’t so much a question as an observation. As an introvert, networking can be demoralizing, painful, and exhausting for me. Connecting, on the other hand, means I get to learn about other’s lives and share passions, which can be enlightening, heartwarming, and energizing. I still need some alone-time to regroup, but the difference is huge. 

guests connecting at the Summit

Here’s the deal: 

Connecting isn’t networking. If something is painful, stop!! Seriously. Examine why it’s painful, decide to grow your strengths, why you show up where you do, adjust and then move. If you’re literally in pain, then pause and figure out other ways to connect; better yet – learn the skills you need to conquer this ONLY if you truly want to learn how to connect with other people.

Connecting is skills-based; it has nothing to do with your -vert status. Watch this video. And then focus on crafting your First Move open-ended, safe & pleasant questions that you ask over and over again to begin conversations. 

Choose to interact with one person at a time. Walk in the room, walk up to the first solo person you see, strike up the convo. Remember the framework, the Connectivity Cosmos (it’s in the Canon). Review that before you go, talk out loud and practice what you’ll ask to boost your confidence. Then Do The Thing. Traction requires action.


FYI – all the attendees of the Summit will receive their own full pdf copy of a rich and deep 10+ page document, full of real-life questions & very specific feedback on the many questions submitted.

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