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What is Transformation?

If you’d have asked me 4 years ago what transformation was, I’d have been at a loss. “Transforwhat?”
Now I completely understand.
Connectivity has been transformative for me. I’ve literally changed from who I was into who I am. And I want to share this with you so you too can experience what it means to be a connector in business and in life.

Connecting is an Art

The Art of Connecting Summit is one opportunity for people who are seeking positive change, learning how to envision themselves and their future, and then learning how to tactically bring that vision to life. With strategy and tactics.

What attendees will takeaway will be real-world tools and proven skills to help themselves build the person and life they envision.

The Sky Is The Limit

Achieve Great Things with the Tools and Tactics of Real Connectivity in Your Arsenal. 


Connectivity begins from within, like all transformations.

Connectors control their future because they are their own source of power.


If you’re seeking a unique experience to grow and learn and connect, this event is for you. This isn't another boring conference or workshop.


New Skills

You will learn how to create and develop more meaningful relationships for a better quality of life. Which makes the world a better place, one connection at a time. 

Stellar Support

I, along with other expert connectors, will be there with you along your journey to support you and cheer you on. Accountability at its best.

Ready to Become a Master Connector? Join Us...

Attending the Art of Connecting Summit this November will boost your confidence, strengthen your ability to develop trust, increase team building and better facilitate your sales opportunities.

Remarkable People

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Gratitude to Our Lovely Sponsor



"It was so inspiring and amazing to see you speak last week. I left that conference feeling a whole lot better than I have in months. "
- E Young, Oregon

“Ginger brought us good information and reminders about the importance and value of connecting with others. She shared actual examples and suggestions that took much of the fear out of approaching and talking with new people. She delivered this to us with enthusiasm, kindness, and humor!”
- T. Olsen, Clackamas Community College / AAWCC Summer Conference VP

“The tools and strategies combined with Ginger's real-life stories provided me with the confidence to leave her workshop empowered to become a Master Connector. I know that if I apply what I learned from Ginger I will increase the number and quality of new business leads I acquire!”
- H.Jonstone, Hollywood, CA 

"My colleague and I could not stop talking about your presentation on our drive home last week. Connecting or Disconnecting on purpose is something I need to do more of. I feel like I connect well with others, but I do not disconnect so well. This is something I need to work on and you made me think about how important it is to disconnect as well as connect!
Thank you again for a WONDERFUL meeting and I look forward to reading your book!'
- T. Burbee, Lane Community College, Health Professions Division

About Us

Ginger Johnson is the leading pioneer in Human Connectivity. She is an author, professional speaker, trainer and an enthusiastic dinner host.

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