“Tell me about your Mohawk”

That was his first question.

And it’s not the first time someone has inquired about my hair.

what do you comment on?

In fact, the Mohawk style haircut for me has been an incredible connection point.  People I’ve had the pleasure to encounter all over have been compelled to comment, share, inquire and compliment.

One person in an airport even gave me a walk-by lean-in compliment… “I like your hair” and kept walking.

Why is it such a connecting point?

Well, you tell me:

  1. What’s one element of someone else you feel free to comment, inquire or compliment about and why?
  2. What would you never comment, inquire or compliment about another person?
  3. What’s a great connecting story per the above?
  4. Have you ever built a lasting relationship from doing so? Tell me more.
  5. What do people comment, inquire and compliment you about?

As I stated in a short video I filmed a few years ago, having a Mohawk is like being pregnant on your head: people feel very free to comment – and sometimes surprisingly – to reach out and touch. While any touch should be preceded by permission (unless you know the person well), the comments I get are all positive, or at least curiosity based and I welcome them all.

When we see something that moves us in some way, it’s a connecting point to start a conversation.

So please, do all of us a good deed: speak up, give that compliment, ask that question kindly and with open curiosity, build new relationships, create understanding, boost empathy.

I hope to see you soon, in person one way or the other. And when we connect, let’s talk about, well, whatever you want. And we can start with hair if you like.