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“Ginger brought a high level of fun to our Rogue River raft trip. Besides her gregarious personality, Ginger has a deep understanding of the beers that were served on the trip. What makes her truly unique is her infectious love of exploration coupled with her ability to connect that love with the audience that she is addressing. Ginger has got it going and our guests totally related to her sincerity.
[av_testimonial_single src=’10289′ name=’Morgan Zamora’ subtitle=’Tasting Room Administrator & Ales4Females Coordinator’ link=’http://lefthandbrewing.com/’ linktext=’Left Hand Brewing Company’]
Ginger was kind enough to join Left Hand Brewing and Ales4Females for our largest Ales4Females event to date. Before planning an event that would accommodate 200 men and women, we knew that we needed to select a presenter that would exceptionally knowledgeable, outstandingly professional and engaging. Well, we hit the jackpot when Ginger Johnson decided to join us! She exceeded all of our expectations.

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Ginger Johnson was a dream to partner with for our [leadership] conference! As the organizer, our committee searched for speakers who could take us to the next level through both content of a presentation and entertainment value. I saw outstanding potential in what Ginger offered and was elated when her presentation exceeded my expectations. Ginger has a masterful way of taking the message of our conference, adding some humor and personal lessons, and delivering a presentation memorable to all. She knocked it out of the park! If you want a tailored message, excellent crowd involvement, memorable moments and an experience that your guests will talk about, be sure to include Ginger.
– Katie Hutchinson, Executive Director, Providence Community Health Foundation-Medford, Medford, OR

Thank you for being such a shining star of the festival! We have received wonderful comments about your workshops. We all love what and how you do it – Ginger Snap style!!
– Karolina Lavagnino, Director of Sales & Marketing, Neuman Hotel Group, Ashland OR

Ginger Johnson has more ideas — good ones — in five minutes than most people have in five years. Moreover, she knows how to execute those ideas. … Ginger produces not just the ideas, but the reality. She is also — and most important — a woman of enormous integrity and thus a rare combination of talent, creativity, hard work, and honesty.
– Maureen Ogle, Historian and Author Author, Ambitious Brew: The Story Of American Beer (2007), All The Modern Conveniences (1996), Key West; History of an Island Of Dreams (2006), In Meat We Trust (2013) 

Many of our clients cringe when they think about marketing their businesses; they believe their products and services should simply sell themselves. This is why I asked Ginger to deliver her What the Heck is Marketing? presentation. Her style was so engaging, funny, and personable. Afterwards, participants told me how awesome Ginger was and how they were energized to implement the many marketing suggestions.
– Stephanie Hoffman, Business Advisor and Trainer, Southern Oregon University Small Business Development Center, Medford OR

Thank you for always being so willing to provide your talents and energy to the conference. One attendee said, “This session was amazing! I loved the interaction, charisma, and how immediately we were able to practice what she teaches.” You consistently lead by example and we are grateful to have you be a part of our conference.
– Women’s Leadership Conference, Medford OR

Thank you so much for speaking at the [2015 &] 2016 TRA Marketplace and sharing your expertise with our attendees.
– Stacy Janecka, Texas Restaurant Association, Austin TX

Ginger has an incredible amount of energy, enthusiasm and expertise that she brings to our endeavors. She complements the already great team I have and they all work well together in furthering an outstanding customer experience centered in education. This is good for me, my team and my business since it increases enjoyment of my patrons while enhancing sales. I wholeheartedly recommend hiring Ginger.
– Melissa Jensen, owner/operator, Louie’s Restaurant and Bar, Ashland OR

Ginger truly lives her mantra, “Everything is possible,” and she’ll make you believe it too. Her consistent positive energy and creative ideas have really helped me believe it and focus my limited energy on moving my marketing plan forward efficiently. She genuinely wants to help everyone succeed! Thanks again.
– Matt Hunter, Ashland Post and Beam, Inc., Ashland, OR

What great meetings – You’re very engaging and have great energy! I very much enjoyed your re-focus of our approach and our mind set in going after new business. I found your information to be revitalizing and fresh. I felt engaged and tuned-in. Thank you for taking the time to meet with us.
– Krissy Zinski, Snake River Brewing Company, Jackson WY

I love Ginger! Let’s have more folks like her come in – whatta lovely way to spend the afternoon. I feel like I could go work out again! Great speaker – great energy. Thanks for having her in.
– Meghan Cavanaugh, Staff, SWCC

Ginger is a precision brainstormer with the ability to grasp new concepts quickly because she listens so very, very carefully. She has the agility of mind to brainstorm rapidly and efficiently – making a session unimaginably productive. I enjoy working with Ginger because it’s like having enthusiastic employee on my side, on my team, without me having a company big enough for employees!
– Jean Eells, E Resources Group , Webster City, IA

Attending Ginger’s workshop has provided me with essential sales tools that I was not aware of before. These are not peripheral elements of the sales process, but ways to actually close the sale. I gained clarity about the sales process and where it was failing before. I am certain that our business will thrive more because I attended this 3-part workshop. Ginger was wonderful.
– Kira Brooks, Kira Brooks Media, www.kirabrooksmedia.com

The School of Business at Southern Oregon University had the fortune of inviting Ginger Johnson to be a guest speaker at our business leadership lecture series.  While addressing 100 of our students and faculty Ginger spoke with enthusiasm and knowledge.  Ginger is an example of how to succeed in business and life.
– Byron Marlowe, MBA. Sr. Instructor / Program Coordinator, Southern Oregon University

I first met Ginger in a workshop and have since seen her presentations at other events. She’s knowledgeable, passionate about her area of expertise and always has tricks up her sleeve to make learning an enjoyable experience for her audience, whether with a presentation or the written word.
– Allen Cox, Editor-in-Chief, NW Travel Magazine

As a beer wholesaler, in a smaller market, we were able to utilize her skills and knowledge to engage our consumers and retailers. The most value to us came to our employees, however. Ginger was able to get some great training in with our staff, in a short amount of time, on how to really and truly “sell.” The information and training technique she gave us was offered in a unique way that made it easy for our ENTIRE staff to sing the praises of beer with confidence. I would highly recommend for any wholesaler to bring Ginger into their own markets, no matter the size.
– Shannon McQuade-Ely, President, McQuade Distributing and fellow beer lover of McQuade Distributing Company

I worked with Ginger during the investigation and start-up phase of my new brewing venture. Ginger is extremely knowledgeable and tuned into gender issues in businesst. She was also very helpful and straight forward regarding the marketing approach I was pursuing. I would highly recommend Ginger for any marketing and research projects that you might have.
– Grant Core, Malthouse Brewing,  Northwest Specialty Beverage

The marketing consult was the best session I had at the Craft Brewers Conference, one on one with you, and specifically focused.
– Russ Klisch, President, Founder and Owner, Lakefront Brewery, Inc. 

Ginger was an invaluable partner in helping Southern Oregon Public Television to schedule, promote and coordinate “Prohibition Comes to Your Town,” a series of four community events tied to Ken Burns’s new PBS series Prohibition.   The four events were lively, engaging and very well managed.  All who attended and fun and learned something new. Ginger’s enthusiasm and energy brought greater visibility to the television series and SOPTV and we were able to raise money in support of SOPTV’s programs and services.
-Mark Stanislawski, President & CEO, Southern Oregon Public Television

Thanks for coming to visit and all your great insights!
– Meredith Giske, Relational Brand Director, New Belgium Brewing

If you are looking for a way to engage your customers I recommend you bring in Ginger Johnson for an informative, lively chat. Ginger is professional, well-prepared and offers the perspective that we simply cannot match! Ginger’s presentation at our brewpub was standing room only and incredibly well received by the participants.
– Chris Erickson, Head of Brewing Operations,  Snake River Brewing Company

Ms. Johnson did for us what we couldn’t do for ourselves: implemented a social media campaign that helped raise online visibility of our event.  She’s personable, professional, and delivers what she promises, an increasingly rare commodity in my experience, and one you can’t afford to pass up!
Stacy Bannerman, Sanctuary for Veterans and Families

Let’s face it, the Craft Beer Industry – the beer industry in general – has tended to overlook the female side of the market.  The point is not so much marketing TO women, but in making sure they are included in the party.  Ginger Johnson is not only adept at educating brewers to open their eyes to this under served market segment, but in giving brewer’s practical ways to tap this enormous market potential.
– Hugh Sisson, Founder and General Partner,  Clipper City Brewing Co., LP

Thank you so much for speaking at Science Pub last night. You are a really great presenter and as is evidence by the evaluations, our audience thought so too.
– Andrea Middleton, Events Manager, OMSI

Ginger is passionate about improving the customer experience. She brings a wealth of knowledge and a fresh perspective, gained from experience across diverse venues. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious. Ginger will help you gain insights and motivation to improve what you do and build on your success.
– Alex Amarotico, owner/proprietor,  Standing Stone Brewing Company

Ginger brought a high level of fun to our Rogue River raft trip. Besides her gregarious personality, Ginger has a deep understanding of the beers that were served on the trip. What makes her truly unique is her infectious love of exploration coupled with her ability to connect that love with the audience that she is addressing. Ginger has got it going and our guests totally related to her sincerity.
– Joy Henkle & Bob Meister, ROW Adventures 

Ginger recently lead a Brainstorming training tailored for our branch staff meeting.  Ginger was well prepared, entertaining, and– as always- enthusiastic.  Thank you Ginger!
– Karen Cruise, Youth and Shelter Services

You received raving reviews upon my return to the office. Great work!
– Matt Thompson, Dean of Student Services, 
Southwestern Community College

Ginger, Thank you.  I will continue to promote you and your business. You do an excellent job providing an outstanding customer experience!
– Paul Livingston, Realtor, Hunziker Realty

Good work Ginger! All this hard work we are doing is really paying off and I am so excited about it all starting to come together.  Thanks again.
– Tara Dudley, Owner & Dirt Lover, Plant Life Designs

Ginger, you are an excellent host, primarily because you’re thoughtful of others, but also because you’re outgoing and I believe your attention to detail is unsurpassed by many who claim to make that their top priority. I think of the [event] you threw and how incredibly exciting that was. The size of the place was never thought of simply because you ‘filled’ each room with “jazz”! I think the talent you possess is somewhat of an innate skill you’ve fostered throughout life …
– Dave Larson, owner/operator, Attention To Detail Painting, Fargo ND, Attention To Detail

Thank you so much for sharing your insights on Customer Service! As mentioned and “wow,” you covered a lot of territory in two hours.  Very impressive! Bobbi and I both received many positive comments after the meeting, mostly related to, ‘Ginger kept it moving and were exactly on point regarding customer service and the customer experience’.
– Mark Miller, DuPont Corporate Real Estate Manager, Pioneer Director of Corporate Services, Pioneer

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