It recently hit me between the eyes. Well, perhaps between the two lobes is more like it.

Wow!! I finally understand what it’s like to be a personal trainer with a client who says they want to improve yet they don’t put the action where their mouth and dollars are.

I can help people who truly are ready. Ready means they will dig in, not always knowing where the net is – sometimes with no net – yet they dig in all the same. Together. They vest equally, they trust and then you trust more. It’s synergy being created.

Are you a coach or consultant?

Are you a coach or consultant?

Being unready is the doubt, the niggling “am I getting what I paid you for” that might be rolling around in heads or come out of mouths. When really the case is a lack of readiness.

As a consultant, I can be as ready as I can be. The rest is on the client. They don’t need, nor do I hire out to babysit, coddle and otherwise try to appease an unready client who didn’t prepare or think things through. I’m here to amplify, enhance, and improve my clients and their work. It’s a mélange of consulting and coaching, most certainly.

I’ve released two clients in the last several months because they simply didn’t do what they said they wanted to based on what they said – and agreed to – they’d do.

The challenge comes from within. If you are truly ready, if you’re ready to jump off the opportunity cliff together, then seek out, interview and hire the suitable consultants. And coaches (some are both).

  • Consultant: “Here’s what you want to/need to/should do. Hire me to do it.”
  • Coach: “Here’s what you want to/need to/should do. Let me guide you through it.”

For both the goal is instructed independence (Mike’s right).

Prepare yourself as a client as I prepare myself as a professional consultant. We all come out ahead, much better, smoother, and happier.