The Culture of Connectivity

The phone call went for almost two hours…well, it was a screen to screen long distance call, thanks to modern technology.

Two hours.

It flew by because the person across country who had made time for me was so engaged, glad to help and provide decades worth of experiential insight and support, specific suggestions and ideas for me.

She hardly knows me. And she chose to reach out, and give, give, give.


Because that’s the culture of connectivity.

Connectivity as I define it is:

connecting on purpose with a service mindset; to create and develop meaningful real relationships.

In addition to this person being a connector, she embodies the Spirit of Cavett. In her own words, she’s a real NSA’r.

I think she’s naturally giving and it aligns with the Spirit, making the combination all the more powerful.

What I’m learning about being a newbie to the NSA is that, if someone who’s involved (members and association staff) is truly in the mindset of plenty, then we’re all better for it. There’s a way we can all support each other, no matter where we’re at in our continuum of progress toward our service goal. There’s enough for everyone when we support each other.

She made me feel completely welcome and was sincerely interested in me. Again, she knows virtually nothing about me, with me knowing very little about her as well.

Well, that’s how the call started anyway.

It wrapped up much differently, with both of us hungry to keep the conversation going and growing. I offered to send her my books; she enthusiastically responded “YES!!” That action alone is a true gift.

See, when you write a book, it’s easy to feel like you’re the one to see its most incredible value…there’s a possibility that others won’t, that they won’t even be curious to crack open the cover to see if there’s something in it for them.

The culture of connectivity is true engagement, listening, asking thoughtful open-ended questions. It’s intelligence proactively shared with others who are keen to be part of the culture.

Proud to be a new member of the NSA.

Connectors are real, human, thoughtful, generous and curious. Healthy and successful cultures are built by people with these attributes.

The conversation with her yesterday, and all the preceding conversations with others attached to the NSA, has effectively blown  my mind to a territory of new possibilities.

Think of it this way: as humans, we want to assume other humans are good and will help us, just as we want to help them. While common sense isn’t common practice (thanks to Brendon!), we always hope and desire this groove of mutual support.

I’ve found that the culture of NSA is one of connectivity. And it’s been life changing: to have a whole world of people who I’m starting to meet and get to know and am eager to help as well be truly selfless, fun, smart and actively giving.

The culture of Connectivity is one we can all create, develop and foster. It’s better and stronger and more meaningful when others join us. The culture of connectivity is about finding your people.

To be clear: there are no limits to who Your People are demographically. In fact, demographics are irrelevant. What’s relevant is that the mindset of a connector is working actively to help others.

The person from that two-hour call? She’s my people. And I’m so utterly grateful to be connected with her.

So, find your people – connect with them, build the culture of connectivity you desire. They’re waiting, just as you are, just as we all are, for great things to happen by being with other people who seek the build a better world.

That’s what the culture of connectivity is to me.

What is it to you?

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