530 pm, 9.30.19

Hops and Züc come ambling out to greet me, as I drive into the garage. Wagging tails, happy vibes – so so so good to see them, every single time.

600 pm

It’s dinner time. Where’s Hops?? She’s the world’s most accurate clock when it comes to mealtimes.

602 pm

She’s out laying in the sun, doesn’t raise her head or wag her (lab) tail when I find her. Something’s wrong.

Fast forward…

Rest in peace, my beloved Hops.

9 pm

She’s gone. Dead. Sudden manifestation and overtaken by a cancer (3 tumors) and heart problem we had no way of recognizing in advance.

Hearts broken, incredibly quiet night. Surreal.

1 pm, 10.23.19

Absence still keenly felt, friends and strangers still sending condolences and words of support.

And what I’ve dubbed the Hops Effect is fully in action.


What’s the Hops Effect?

Hops Effect: a sudden devastating personal happening unexpectedly fueling remarkable breakthroughs; clarity of a supernatural state present; detritus and every day crap and meaningless activity cleared; productivity on the steady and rapid rise; unexpected immediate loss of a beloved.

While I’d give my left earlobe for my Beloved Hops to still be alive and healthy again for many years, the reality is she’s not coming back from the dead. So I’m choosing to use the fuel of grief for good. I’m applying it to move myself forward, to serve better, stronger, more clearly. To get out of my own way, to stop doing what doesn’t matter that we let ourselves get bogged down into.

Engines: Full Speed Ahead. Full Brain On, Clear the Decks of junk. Move. Do, Go. Produce & matter. Serve and Scale.


What moves you forward? What’s your ‘Hops Effect’?

If you want to use this as your fuel too, Hops and I would be honored.


Simply get clear, however you can do that. Hopefully an untimely death isn’t part of it; however, it often is – loosing something of heart value permanently jogs us like nothing else can do.

My advice: grieve, by all means. Unplug, check out, focus on self-care. Get the help and support you need, take the help and support from others who care about you.

Then, when you’re ready, move. Use the experience for fuel. Motion creates change and honors the lessons and struggle.


Hops (top) snuggling with Züc, last year.

Life is life-changing when we recognize it from the full value we can take advantage of. Make sure you’re choosing the right opportunities to connect with yourself and your world. Disconnect from unproductive, unhealthy and wasteful ideas and activities. Liberate yourself to fully connect with life.


The Hops Effect has been a life changer for me, literally and figuratively.

And I believe, as my throat tightens and tears roll writing this, that Hops is wagging her support and ready to lick my face silly with love telling me, “Yes, Ginger, I love you and you’ve got this. “