• “I’m on introvert…”
  • “Oh, I don’t know…that doesn’t feel comfortable.”
  • “We’ve always done it this way.”
  • “Change is hard.”

Here’s the great thing about connectivity: it debunks all of the above, and then some.

The four phrases above – just a tiny smattering of what we tell ourselves – are all BS. They’re all internal talk of why we won’t do something, justifying why we can’t… or don’t have time… or the resources… or know the Right People…

Whatever it is, it’s BS.

It’s much more highly likely that you aren’t ready to believe in yourself.

That you’re not prepared to Do The Work needed.

Connectors do the work.

And I want you to be a world-class connector.

So, if you do too, here’s how Connectors think with language:

  • “I can figure this out.”
  • “Who can I ask to help me?”
  • “What’s a different way to do this?”
  • “What if…”

Connectors become fully aware that the world is their oyster because they’ve got the right tools! Yes, every single one of us has the right tools to open the oyster, to dive into the meaty middle, to make the difference we say we want to make.

Language is a HUGE part of it all and here’s why.

What we tell ourselves internally is the external reality we practice.

Are you telling yourself you “can’t”? Well, you’re right. Can and Can’t are choices; you get to determine if you do or don’t.

OR are you telling yourself you can, even if you’re unsure of the why & how & who and everything else?

If the second one is what you tell yourself, you’re a connector.


Connectors find the CAN.

That’s why and where language is so incredibly power-full. What we fill our heads with, what comes out of our mouths, what we’re willing and open to listening to, learning and then sharing is all about how we connect language with reality.

  • Spoken
  • Non-verbal
  • Body

We all speak a few ‘languages’, so start to really tune into what you hear yourself saying to your fine self.

Pause, examine – “is that what I truly believe? How can I make progress by thinking differently?”

Then shift, make the adjustment. Connect.


Does it take true dedication and time and energy and practice?

Well, of course.

Everything worth doing well, does. Give yourself the goal and grace to shift.

Reserve the time it takes to shift – block off chunks on your precious planner and DO IT.

Engage a valued trusted & honest friend to help you in your own accountability. Help them with theirs. What goes around comes around AND you’ll learn a tun from that other person if you choose wisely.

(and if you choose and it’s not wise, change the person right away).


I develop leaders into world-class connectors.

If you’re interested in private coaching to help you shift your language to connect, give me a call.

This is my mission and I’d be delighted to see if we can work well together.