ginger johnson human connection expert

Be very certain: comfort is not a zone.

It’s not a space, place or idea to strive toward.

Really, it’s ambiguous at best. Like the word Miscellaneous. Years ago one of my accounting pros told me, “Ginger, there is no miscellaneous.” Truth. I have succinctly classified everything since.

Here’s the bedrock of the truth:

Comfort is a myth; a zone therein mythical.

So decide: what am I really thinking about?

I’ve come to realize that often when we say we want comfort or to be comfortable we mean others things:

  1. We want to be confident.
  2. We want to feel safe.
  3. We want the familiar.

All of those can easily be misinterpreted as comfort. They’re far from the same thing.

ginger johnson human connection expertConnectors are always moving toward clarity. And clarity is an ongoing quest. It doesn’t just ‘happen’, nor does clarity last forever once you think you’ve found it.

There are so many elements of life that to seek comfort or clarity and then declare yourself ARRIVED, is delusional.

What’s real and attainable is the quest. Knowing the way – aka our life – will take dips and detours, offer surprises and stellar options, and keep us on our toes if we go full speed ahead.

People say they find change hard or difficult. That’s BS.

Life is ever changing, so seek the change, rather than avoid it. Know it’s coming. As a wonderful friend once described change: “It’s coming anyway so may as well open your arms and give it a hug!”

Our mindset is ours to control and command. If you think something’s easy, then it may well be. If you consider something hard, then it will likely be hard. It’s up to you to choose.

Simply know that no growth happens in a comfort zone. You may want to be or feel safe or hanker for the familiar.

Have confidence in yourself and in your abilities to figure things out. Gather and surround yourself with people who are also seeking growth. get to know them, support them, let them support you.

That’s called growth. And that’s what connectors seek.

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