Today Is The Day To Make Connections

Ginger Johnson human connection expert

We’re in a count down…  every day is a different world for all of us. Now’s the time to make connections.

Today I invested a few hours to connect with everyone in a mastermind I’m part of. Sending personal messages, finding and inviting to connect on LinkedIn, seeking & connecting on IG & Twitter.

Why? Because human connection is everything.

Because as a human connection expert, being with others people who are also driven forward – every make, model, size, shape, color, ethnicity, geography – is what makes the world marvelous. And unique. And meaningful.

With marketing in my blood as well, I know it’s up to me to make the First Move.

Ginger Johnson human connection expertIf you also want momentum to build with anyone in this group, reach out TODAY. Start connecting TODAY. Don’t wait and cram it in at the last minute, don’t neglect this sterling opportunity.

We’re not taught HOW to connect (which is exactly what I teach in my speaking/workshop/coaching services); so please – the only one you can be accountable is yourself! And if you want to connect, be the first to reach out.

1. Invite graciously and sincerely. DON’T say “Like me/follow me/friend me” – that’s not an invite, that’s a command.

2. Thank people for engaging; ask what they’re up to – specifically – and see what you can do to support them. How to share them forward with people they can serve.

3. If asked in return, certainly share what you’re up to and seeking. Know that Connectors & Leaders make the First Move.

If and when I can serve, support, listen and progress your mission as your cohort, contact me directly. Glad to engage.

I appreciate everyone here. Be well, all y’all – let’s keep connecting.