Trade Booth Connectivity

I recently shared ideas* on how to make a Trade Booth worthwhile for buyers of those spaces to build business.

Thanks to Midge, one reader & tribe member, for being compelled to give me some more great ideas.

A ‘worthwhile’ trade booth starts with the vendor…

Midge adds:

  1. To not read your favorite novel. Same thing, your head is down and well, people don’t want to disturb you.
  2. I also don’t eat at my booth. One because I usually have samples out and that’s just not cool, but people don’t want to interrupt you. AND you are not ready to start the conversation. I
  3. Personally always look at the people doing by to see who makes eye contact with me. That’s when I make a comment to start a conversation.
  4. I also try and stand on the outside of my booth or have it so them can come in to me; the table between us is like the crossed arms – you are closed to any interaction.
  5. Another thing I do is to tell my vendor neighbors that if we are talking, I will stop in middle of conversation if there is someone at my booth and I hope they do the same.

Thank you for this note and I truly hope that others take this to heart, I think it is very important.

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