Just what are ‘Terrestrial Connecting Tactics’ anyway?

With a nod to my terrifically talented frolleague Jonathan, he’s fascinated that I’m so successful connecting utilizing classic communication moves of the earth-bound nature. These tactics fit the bigger strategy of Connectivity for me.

They’re purposeful, meaningful and effective activities (methods even) I dedicate time to in order to build, grow and maintain healthy and worthwhile connections.

At both of the events on TCT, I’ll cover three key activities – three methods for effective connecting you can apply immediately. For starters, the first method I’ll cover is the value in hard copy mail.

Yep, postal service stuffs hold serious value. It’s not dead; it’s very much alive! And I’ll share with you the Why & How-to, plus I’ll hit two more key TCT.

Do you like show and tell?

The bonus is that, like the workshop I gave Jonathan and his audience, I got on a roll with Show & Tell – showing other actual examples of connecting tools and ideas. I’ll be doing that for both of these events too. What, why, how, when and the whole shebang on various simple effective tactical moves to build & grow connections.

Here are two opportunities to join me, both complementary, no strings:

  1. TCT with Ginger Wednesday April 25th, 4 – 5 pm, LIVE in person. Register here at Meetup.com
  2. TCT with Ginger Friday April 27th, 8 – 9 am, LIVE on Zoom. Email me to get the direct link for the event.

For the record, I do use online & electronic tactics as part of my strategy. They are simply ONE WAY to boost connections.

When you put Terrestrial Connecting Tactics together with online and various others methods, well – as I say, Everything Is Possible!

My mantra is that to really meet and get to know people, there have to be person to person interactions, tangible non-electronic activities and methods happening to grow and maintain relationships. Technology tools are an enhancement, not a replacement. (And this isn’t networking either…that’s a topic for another newsletter.)

Thanks. Hope you’ll join me for one or both of the events. Feel free to invite your own frolleagues your value as well.

See you soon.

p.s. you can watch my videos on Connectivity here.