Please use these Connecting practices, which are also directly tied to marketing, to build your community today.

1. If you have your social media icons on your website – make sure you have them set to open up new pages, not to replace your homepage. You want people to keep your page open.

2. To truly connect with meaning – to connect, not collect – be sure to personalize your invites every time you can. For instance, on LinkedIn, send a brief personal message versus just clicking “connect”. Give people a glimpse of your fabulous self, make it personal.

Are you welcoming connection – or making it difficult?

3. Focus on quality, not quality – vanity metrics isn’t the goal. Engaged community is the goal. You’ll get quantity if you focus on quality FIRST.

4. Make it easy for people to contact you. Make your ‘contact me’ OBVIOUS. Personalize the emails too; no one I know has any faith in “” – use something else like “help@…” or “hello@…” You’re smart, be creative.

5. If you’ve ever had a question generated by an email/er you’ve received and it’s been a do-not-reply email, ask yourself: why?? Don’t do this to your precious community. Make it easy for people to reply, communicate. Don’t make people hunt to reply, inquire and engage. Make the reply email address front and center.

6. Update your picture. You’re gorgeous! So show the world what you look like, right now. Know that if you choose an illustration, brand logo, kids pic, scenery – something other than you face – you’re asking for lower engagement. If you want to connect, show yourself. Trust skyrockets when we can ‘see’ who we’re engaging with.

Human connection is straight forward; put yourself fully out there & you’ll meet great people. Use what you want, leave the rest.

Be well & above all – keep connecting.