Value Review In Sequestration

ginger johnson human connection

One connecting practice I relish is sending birthday greetings.

Cards, notes, video messages, voicemail, phone calls…


On LinkedIn They make it easy, by providing reminders of the birthdays of connections (by whomever has allowed the notices).

ginger johnson human connection

Where do you go to think about your values?

Just this week, I sent a few more – here’s how I do it, via LinkedIn:

1. Click on the “See who’s celebrating a birthday” in your notifications.

2. Scroll the names and faces of who’s celebrating, choosing the ones I want to wish well and check in with.

3. Send a simple message – adapting the automatic “Happy Birthday” to “Happy Dang Birthday, [name]! Celebrate your fine self fully ~ cheers, g”


In one of them this week, I got a reply of “Thanks. Hope you’re staying well, Ginger.”

I replied: “Yes, thanks. You?”


And now, here’s the gold of her reply:

“We are. It’s crazy but I think we’re learning our real values being so sequestered. And I kinda like it…”


What do you learn during unusual times? Are your values on that list? If not, when do you think about them?

Our values connect us to our thoughts, and our actions are driven by our thoughts.


Make time this week and think about your values. Block time to make sure you do it, turn off the devices, go somewhere with fresh air and no distractions other than perhaps the quiet thrumming of a few busy insects – . If you want to share them in the comments, please do so below. I’d love to learn what they are and why they matter to you.

I’m going to do so as well…