At a conference last week, I was sharing tactics of how to stay connected with people you care about.

On the spot and unpremeditated, I grabbed my phone, shot a video message with the group behind me and sent it.

Connecting is easier than we lead ourselves to believe.

Connecting is quite simple – a video message of your fine self, sharing your thanks to someone for being in your life, for being supportive, for the last gig, high-five, contract, hug – whatever.

Connecting is communication.

I personally love utilizing the magic of a simple and quick video message because it’s, well, simple and quick! And it’s simple and quick for the recipient too.

Video messages are great connecting tactics

Challenge yourself today: make and send 1 video message to a different person over the next 7 days.

Short and succinct, all about them – their value, not about you. Short means 30 – 90 seconds. (for reference, it takes about 2 seconds to tell someone you love them…. ). Short also makes your message more welcome in this tech-heavy era.

Oh – and the person I filmed it for & sent it to? She robustly replied with a great message that made my day as well.

It’s a Win-win, this connectivity stuff.