ginger johnson human connecting expert

One of the most oft asked questions I get is this: “I’m an introvert. How do I connect with other people?”

My reply is always the same: Anyone who wants to connect, can.


Learning how to connect is the key – you have to learn how. We’re not born connectors. Some people may be more out-going than others yet that’s isn’t a precursor for skills.

ginger johnson human connecting expertSkills require work and effort and dedication plus energy and effort. There has to be intention driving the endeavor otherwise it’ll die on the vine without coming to fruition.

Everyone – no matter their vert status – will survive and thrive best when they know the actual framework to create and build human connections.


Here’s where to start:

1. You must know WHY you want to connect to begin with, first. Do you want to connect to build your business? To be able to ask someone on a date or to get together? Do  you want to know how to ask donors for money or funding? In every case, having clarity of the purpose of your connecting needs to come first.

2.  Once you know your WHY, then set your mind. Decide consciously that you’re going to have the attitude to propel you forward. When your mindset is receptive to change and growth, you’re making progress. If you’re not POW, reset and get there first.  Muscling through with the wrong mindset isn’t going to help nor is it going to serve anyone well, starting with you.

3. From here it’s tactical. I recommend you buy your own copy of the Connectivity Canon, as others have done to learn the actual steps to connect.  It’s a short, specific and functional book that I wrote for you to be able to connect with competence.


If you want to connect with people, you can. Learn how by starting with the book, then practicing and growing your skills from there. If you want more, we can work together solo, in teams and in rooms. Here are some current options. Custom always available by design.


Worry about not learning, rather than any hiccups or discomfort you have in your education and growth efforts.

Better yet, ditch the worrying all together and start learning why & how to connect in earnest. Connecting changes your life for the better, serves others and connectors change the world.

p.s. you can get your own copy AND send a gift copy to someone else now, for a limited time – here’s how.