Tell me: what are your biggest connecting challenges?

Do you struggle with knowing how to walk into a room and meet someone new?

Are you letting your vert status hold you back (i.e. you identify as an Introvert)?

Are you unsure how to open a conversation?

Is not knowing anyone in a ‘new’ room daunting to you?

What’s buggin’ you, holding you back?

What do you want to know?


I want to help you.


Today please make the time to tell me what your challenges are – all of them.

You can either Comment to this blog post or send me an email

I’ll respond to all of them – to you privately if you ask – as well as publicly (protecting your privacy of course) to help others who have the same challenges.

Thanks in advance for sharing and for trusting me to help you. I appreciate everyone who is part of the community.