What Are Your Connecting Principles?

POW Positive Objective Willing ginger johnson human connection expert

When you think about human connection, do you also think about your principles?

Your principles guides your practices. They come before activity and deserve concentrated attention, to determine and guide your efforts.

Reserve some time in your calendar today to think about and write about and even share your connecting principles. Clarity in connecting is Queen.


POW Positive Objective Willing ginger johnson human connection expert

POW!! (more than a superhero sound)

Here are three of mine. Use them as they’re helpful to you.

1. POW. As outlined in the Connectivity Canon book, POW = Positive Objective Willing. All three of these principles are actively engaged in all my connecting pursuits; guiding me intentionally forward. I will ask myself: Am I being positive? Am I objective (suspending judgment)? Am I willing (to participate, dig in, listen – whatever is required)?

2. Everyone has value. And you can spend entire days, weeks, months in sheer connecting and *gasp* networking. If you want to provide meaningful value to the world, this is where you choose boundaries on who, when, why, how much and so forth. To be clear: this isn’t about judging a person. It’s about clarity of your own purpose and therefore which connections will best serve. Choosing your active connections is powerful and helpful in every way. Worth and value in connecting has really come to the surface for me in the last year. I’m examining my connecting practices to closely evaluate which connections are going to be fruitful, in all directions, guided by a service-mindset.

3. Anyone who wants to learn to connect, can. Connecting is skills-based. Some people may be more inclined AND every one, no matter their vert status, can connect if they want to build the skills needed to do so effectively.


Tell me your connecting principles below. I’m always keen to learn more from you and others actively engaged in the joy of connecting.