What Are Your Expert Signposts?

Once in a while I read something that really resonates with me. Since I read so many books, often the resonation originates in a printed book.

One of those books for me this year is Brendon Burchard’s The Millionaire Messenger.  I first checked out the book at my local library, after a frolleague recommendation. Then, bought a copy. Had to have it. Needed to add it to my functional library at my HQ, write in it, return, refresh and reinvigorate.

In chapter 4, You: Advice Guru, I paused, read the Expert Signposts, and then kept going. I didn’t write the exercise, as he suggests. In reading the book the second time, it was time to execute.

Get comfy, read up, then write your own.

I highly recommend them as a personally clarifying and insightful opportunity to build and grow – yourself and your endeavors.

Expert Signposts

Five things I have learned about motivating myself and achieving my dreams are…

  1. Focus is key; I have to know what my specific focus is for motivation to matter
  2. Write things down & post them on my walls. When I see it, I’m more effective.
  3. My value is first; what people think of my value is secondary.
  4. Create a number for income I want to meet then exceed, reverse engineer it & break it into components, track via calendar.
  5. Let go of things that are not within the focus.

Five things I have learned about leading others and being a good team player are…

  1. Direct honesty rules the day.
  2. Diplomacy is in the room of progress.
  3. Be gracious, kind and polite.
  4. Avoid and walk away from toxicity, negative people and fool’s errands.
  5. Set the example, be an aspirational model.

Five things I have learned about managing money are…

  1. Money is a tool; we can build with it.
  2. Money allows a unique freedom.
  3. Money should be respected and utilized smartly including, when it works, treating yourself to its benefits as well as using it for requirements.
  4. It’s fun to give money to causes you believe in.
  5. Cash flow and revenue are two entirely different monkeys.

Five things I have learned about having a successful business are…

  1. Always be thinking ahead, have at least a loose plan of why you are doing what you do and how you’re going to do it.
  2. IGST reign supreme: Intention, Goals, Strategy, Tactics
  3. Have a singular vision; one priority. More than that muddies the waters and dramatically reduces progress.
  4. Call on other experts to support, help and assist.
  5. Givers gain works when everyone in the equation have bought in.

Five things I have learned about marketing a product or brand are…

  1. Marketing = communication.
  2. I love marketing; it makes me a strong connector.
  3. Marketing is necessary for every endeavor.
  4. No such thing as free or word-of-mouth; it all starts somewhere, there’s an investment of some sort.
  5. Consistency, redundancy and accuracy are fundamental to respect your audience and clients.

Five things I have learned about being a good partner in an intimate relationship are…

  1. Express affection often, in various ways, that are clear to your partner.
  2. Find ways to please them, in various facets of life together.
  3. Happy surprises are wonderful!
  4. Hug often, kiss frequently, sex should be fun and healthy. Appreciate each other fully.
  5. Tell them what you’re grateful as a habit – at least one thing every day.

Five things I have learned about spirituality or connecting with a higher power are…

  1. Everyone has their own way in doing so.
  2. There is no one way to be spiritual.
  3. Respect other peoples’ choices; inquire respectfully so you can learn.
  4. Read, listen, learn, participate in various ideologies to expand your own world.
  5. Peace and quiet are fundamental to contentment and happiness.

Five things I have learned about home decorating or fashion or organizing are…

  1. When I’m organized, I’m happier, more relaxed and can kick butt better.
  2. Find your own style, do it well, stick with it.
  3. Make your home your nest, your refuge, a place you want to be.
  4. Adjust all of these are you want and feel are needed.
  5. Complement others, often, on these very things when you’re compelled.

Five things I have learned about managing my life and being effective are…

  1. Go after what you really want, and who you want to serve.
  2. Be happy. It’s easier on your health and people gravitate toward happy people.
  3. Only do what moves you.
  4. Improve your vocabulary; it builds so many other things up.
  5. Respect others, go toward (rather than away from), and keep going.

What are your Expert Signposts? Learn more about what this has to do with anything else in life by reading his book.

FYI – I share this on my own free will, with no endorsement by Mr. Burchard. While I’d very much enjoy meeting him and growing a relationship, for now, I’m glad to share forward. Feel free to do the same.

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