Human Connection Book - Connectivity Canon

Connectivity: why & how to connect with people on purpose, with an intent to serve others. It’s about creating and developing real, human to human relationships.

Do you have some challenges you’d really like to resolve?

Here’s a short list of what Connectivity can do for you, when you learn how to connect.

  • If you’re in a leadership position and you’re unsure of how to connect with your direct reports, connectivity helps.
  • If you’re in a management role and have conflicts with people who you think “just don’t understand me” (fyi – you don’t understand them either!), connectivity helps.
  • If you’re in HR and struggle to provide lasting skills and knowledge of what relationship development means for your company employees and therefore clients, connectivity helps.
  • If you’re in fundraising and you’re unsure how to begin conversations with potential supporters, donors included, without feeling like a vulture, connectivity helps.
  • If you’re in Education and you’re seeking qualified and suitable candidates for the open positions you must fill this coming term, connectivity helps.
  • If you’re part of an association and struggle with creating meaningful and useful connections within the association to help you grow, connectivity helps.
  • If you’re seeking to mentor someone and don’t know how to begin looking for someone, connectivity helps.
  • If you’re a student seeking to really figure out that blasted question adults keep asking you – “So, what’re you going to do with your degree?”, connectivity helps.
  • If you’re in sales and are flummoxed with how on earth to earn new clients and keep your previous and existing clients coming back for more, connectivity helps.

Connectivity helps in all these cases. And in infinitely more. Here’s why.

Connectivity is real. It’s human to human, requiring the energy and effort and discipline to actually get out and about and meet people. To make the First Move, and all the other Elements of Connectivity (as outlined in the Connectivity Canon). To create and develop the meaningful relationships we build our lives on. Life includes business, so once you learn it, you can apply it everywhere.

Here’s what it’s not about:

It’s NOT about technology. As in, this article is posted online, right? Yea, that’s not connectivity. It’s reading via technology. Technology = tools; virtual; non-face to face human interaction.

True connectivity happens and kicks in when we’re face to face, real time.

Tech tools and gadgets can aid us in our search to find out who we want to connect with and it’ll never replace the real human to human version for connecting.

If you want help connecting with other people on purpose, with real intention to Accomplish Something, then connectivity is the key.

I’m on a mission to connect the world, two people at a time – either you and me or you and someone else who would be a great connection for you (connected by me). What would you like?

If I can help you overcome some challenges in your endeavors and make the breakthroughs necessary to become a master connectivity, get in touch. It’s exactly how I serve my clients and this great big world, full of good people. I’d be glad to help you too.

Remember, it’s always a great day to connect.


Ginger is a Connector, which means she speaks, trains and writes (among other things) to connect the world. Her book, the Connectivity Canon, is available exclusively on her site. She’s also a heckuvacook and loves to host dinner parties.

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