Marketing is communication. With that definition, everyone is marketing. Marketing = communication, communication = education, education = progress, movement, sales and all the rest. It’s a good M word.

Marketing sometimes gets a bad rap.

Here's an example of good marketing - Comfy, useful, carefully executed wearable (sweatshirt from my friends at Ninkasi).

Here’s an example of good marketing – Comfy, useful, carefully executed wearable (sweatshirt from my friends at Ninkasi).

It’s truly too bad when this happens since I believe, as a member of the professional marketing community, much of the criticism is misguided and misunderstood. Marketing isn’t advertising, it’s not sales and for sure it’s not a bad thing.

Today I want to cover some ground on what Good Marketing is.

  • Good Marketing is communication. It’s determining who your audience is and learning how to best address them, when they want to be addressed, how they want to be addressed, and frequency of contact.
  • Good Marketing is being gracious and thoughtful, respectful of the audience and their time and values. It’s about them, not you.
  • Good Marketing is investing real-time and effort into educating yourself about your market. I think it’s called “market Share” because customers are sharing themselves with you, be kind & respectful.
  • Good Marketing is standing tall on your talents, promoting the good, ignoring the detractors and selectively ignorant, moving forward with your abilities and gifts you have to share with your audience.
  • Good Marketing is accurate. This is perhaps the biggest piece of the important pie: to be accurate. Passion will only take you so far and it usually isn’t a customers’ passion for a business proper which engenders brand loyalty. Know the difference.
  • Good Marketing is clever, fun, appropriate, funny, and directly tied to that which it is communicating.

Does your marketing emulate all of these facets? What else does your marketing have that you find of value? What else can you share – ne, communicate – with all of us on how you think marketing works?

Be in touch.

And be sure to read this worthwhile piece by Kirstyn Barnett. Here’s another. I’d expand on her thinking: while many people think they are marketing experts, many are not. They are armchair critics, suggesters and the otherwise advice giving unqualified.

So repeat after me: Marketing Is Communication.

Know it, use it, see the fruit it bears.