What If It Does Work?

What if it doesn’t work – isn’t the right question to ask yourself.

The right Question = What If It Does Work? Then what?

Melissa & Ginger at the WLC 2016

Melissa & Ginger at the WLC 2016


Melissa J Nixon was our opening keynote speaker at the 2016 Women’s Leadership Conference of Southern Oregon less than a month ago and she hit the bull’s-eye.

Some of her other gems include:

  1. Self belief requires movement of some sort.
  2. Where have you stopped moving?
  3. What’s your scale? How are you measuring your self and movement?
  4. Everything worthwhile is uphill (for at least a while).
  5. What’s the very next step?

I found Melissa funny, real, identifiable and a ball! Can’t wait to get to see you and L in Carolina when I get there this year.

Know what your questions are. Know the What If is a positive direction.

Now, go get it.

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