• What if you had shared that piece of information you chose to hold back?
  • What if you asked for the sale?
  • What if you shared a personal experience that was relevant to their situation, not simply to tell a story?
  • What if they asked you more questions and you didn’t ‘throw up’ on them (monologue), instead made sure it was a dialogue?
  • What if you asked who you could connect someone with instead of asked how you could help (hint: connecting is helping)?
Everything is possible when you ask "what if"

Everything is possible when you ask “what if”

‘What if’ is one of my favorite ways to begin conversations and continue them, in a truly engaging way. ‘What if’ presents opportunity to listen, share, and make real progress.

What if the next time someone taps you on the shoulder to talk about what you do, you return the beginning volley by asking them a qualifying question first (“tell me why you ask?”)?

Try it. Tell me what happens to the exchange, your thinking, and how they react to you.

Conversation = communication = marketing.