Hear yea, Hear yea!What-Makes-A-Speaker

Hey…I’m talking to you…yes you.

What makes a good speaker? Stated more succinctly, what makes a speaker attractive, engaging, and worth your ear time?

There’s such a rush in listening to a truly talented speaker – they could be talking about anything. The best teachers are the ones who have a specialty and you know they could talk about mowing the lawn or washing dishes and they’d be interesting.

They have that certain speaker sauce – a feeling they project which invites, welcomes, and embraces the audience. Generally they possess an intensity that comes across on their voice. They have a sound knowledge of their topic. And the best ones will have a sense of appropriate humor to interject to keep it moving and fresh.

Who’s the most recent ‘good’ speaker you enjoyed?

It’s definitely one of those situations of I’ll-know-it-when-I-see-it. When you do see and experience a solid speaker, let them know. Tell them specifically what you found enjoyable and meaningful. Specific is always terrific. If you sit through a less than tolerable talk, you can also gently suggest ways to improve their work. If they are a professional speaker they will appreciate knowing your thoughts, all the way around.

Understand that speaking well is a talent and skill. What works for one is different than what may work for another. All the same, appreciate the effort it takes to talk in front of any size audience. Good or not, it takes guts and gumption. Start there.