What Makes You Memorable?

Props to the whole room full of great people at the 2018 Wyoming Women’s Expo Professional Development Day, Casper WY ~

It was truly a pleasure to be with you and serve up the Connectivity message in my talk, Shiny Shoes, Round Cards & A Mohawk: Me Ideas, What Makes You Memorable.

During the talk, I asked: What makes you memorable – said another way: what do you think you’re really good at that helps people remember you?

As I was sorting through the papers that the guests wrote on, I picked out these three to share here.

  1. I rock at crochet; I rock at being a grandma
  2. Always smiling; bit klutzy/awkward; nice ~ genuinely
  3. Witty in the right moment; reach out; funny

It was a fascinating exercise to help people see that they ARE in fact memorable and that being memorable is a direct line to Connectivity. What makes you memorable makes you easier to remember which leads people to want to meet you, get to know you and get to know you better.

What makes you memorable?

Whatever it is – whatever you feel you’re great at, whatever you love to identify with – will be part of your connectivity magnetism.

Please share what makes you memorable below.

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