What Platforms Do You Utilize To Connect?

“You don’t engage in Facebook – that’s actually impressive. So much crap and noise and nonsense.” – newer connection, in response to me telling him I didn’t engage in FB*.

Ask yourself today: Where do you show up and why?

With a few decades of marketing in my rearview mirror and now being all-in in Human Connection, I choose to show up and engage in and on platforms that really resonate with me and where the people I wish to serve are showing up. To focus energy and effort where it matters is what *ahem* matters.

Why bother with stuff that’s not working? Platforms and communities you don’t like? No bitching either about places you’re choosing to show up if you don’t like them and can exit on your own free will (read: that’s all of them!)

Take a moment right now to list your platforms…. I’ll wait.





Okay, what’s your list look like? Which platforms are you ACTIVE on, not just signed up on?

Here’s my list, starting with most important:

  1. My website
  2. Weekly newsletter
  3. Blog posts on this/my site
  4. LinkedIn
  5. YouTube
  6. Twitter & Instagram

Here’s my advice today to best connect:

  • Choose platforms you both enjoy engaging on AND where your customers are as well. The ones you don’t enjoy will be your weakest and you won’t serve well.
  • Vary your message from platform to platform. I learned a while back that using the exact same message, across multiple platforms, renders some of them moot to your customers. Meaning, if I post the same damn thing on all of my platforms, then my audience will tune out – knowing I’m being sloppy and that they can get the same exact thing on any of my platforms. You can actually lose the opportunity to serve doing that.
  • Each platform is unique. Share, educate and advise as it suits how the specific audience on a specific platform engages. Twitter is not LinkedIn is not Instagram is not YouTube, and so forth.
  • Make your messages valuable – all of them; otherwise, stop posting. Noise is pollution. Value is useful.
  • Closeout accounts on platforms you’re not using. When you’re an inactive phantom, literally no one cares – and you’re diluting your precious presence.

Connecting requires energy and effort. Choose the best platforms for you and your audience; don’t listen to others or feel obligated or otherwise buy into FOMO / fear of missing out, when you can listen to your intuition, smarts and coaches who are much better advised to guide you positively forward.

And if anyone knows someone who can get me permanently off FB, let me know.