What’s Your Competitive Marketing Edge?

“The role of the consultant is to make it simple.” – Marti Barletta, Marketing Guru

Marti is right. And to that end, ask yourself: “What is my competitive marketing advantage?”

If you have to really think about it, it’s time to find the right pro to help you with marketing strategy and tactics. Here are 3 reasons why.

  1. Marketing is a foundational element of successful businesses and entities of all kinds. You must know your market in order to move, move forward, make progress, make sales, and in general survive as well as in order NOT to go backwards and falter.
  2. Marketing = communication. Do you know who your market is and how they want to be reached? How often and in what formats? If you don’t know that, if you haven’t asked your customers directly, you need to get busy doing so.
  3. Marketing leads to sales. Sales are what you need to pay yourself, the electricity and for that new seat your bike needs for commuting. Everyone needs to persuade, convince, and – yes – sell what you have going in order to keep going.
What does your team look like? Who should join your bowl?

What does your team look like? Who should join your bowl to make your efforts more fruitful?

The role then, as Marti points out above, is to help make it all simple. Does that mean it’s always straightforward and easy? No (though it can be with the right person. Getting the picture?). It does mean that you find a partner who will help you get there, just as when you hire a plumber to fix the sink or drain. You could figure it out yourself yet your time is better spent doing what you’re good at; hire the right people to do what they are good at to amplify and accelerate and complement your efforts.

The smartest people I know hire people, they consider, to be smarter than them. What they really do is find other really engaged people who are really smart and good at what they do, which isn’t what the person how hires them is good at doing. Get it?

I run into the whole excuse of, “oh – I wish I could afford you.” That’s not the right mindset. The right mindset to help yourself be successful is “I need to find the person to hire so I CAN afford to do everything I want to do and be successful.”

Experts, specialists, and generalists are all widely available for the interviewing. I suggest you ask for recommendations of 3 per need – recommendations from people qualified to recommend them (read: they’ve hired them before and know them well, not their family members). Once interviewed, sleep on your decision-making brain. Move.

Heck, I read a good piece one time pointing out having multiple experts (aka contractors, specialists) on deck provide a super rich pool of knowledge and ideas, vs. only one experts. I think this is a great idea – and the right people will want to work with other ‘right people.’

Your competitive marketing edge = hiring marketing pros who will be able to jump in and help you RIGHT AWAY. Do you want and need more customers? Are you not finding the right customers? Then, here’s your marching order.

Be one of the right people. Bring in more of the right people. Hire qualified consultants to help make it easy – or at least easier.

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