What’s The Difference Between These Two Kinds Of People

I’ve heard, a few times from separate reputable sources, that only 2% of people who buy a self or professional improvement program actually complete it.


That’s a pretty low percentage. So, why is that?

Well, one indicated that the transactional nature of purchasing something was enough for some. They felt like they “did” something in the actual purchasing exercise.

The first person to tell me this blew my mind.

By the time I heard it the second time, I was sincerely flummoxed.

Why would anyone buy a program only to let it languish? It’s why we have garages full of stuff, basements and storage units we can’t even navigate, yet….we collect more or at least don’t winnow and clear it out.

My only unscientific extrapolation is this: The 2% of people who buy AND execute have a single priority in mind. With that Single Priority, other things and distractions, tasks and projects, purchases and stuff are relegated to unimportant (or at least displaced for another time).

As a Connector, I am bearing this in mind, in my frontal lobe. To be present when I’m connecting with people = my 2%. I want to invest myself in the other person, to see if I can support them, help and am determining if, and if so, how so. I’m listening so I can consider ways forward, whether with my help or who I know or where I can direct them to move forward. And if I’m not the right one, I move on.

2% is a powerful figure for me right now.

I’m in that 2% and frankly it motivates me all the more. The first person a Connector invests in is themselves. Once we know our Why, Mindset (aka attitude & intention) follows and so forth into tactical progress.

A client recently asked me what I thought separated the 2% from everyone else.

My response: while I’m certain there’s a bit of a gradient scale here (some people do some, for instance), my gut tells me its the concentrated Focus on that one thing. Ask yourself: What’s so important to you that everything else is not?

Choose that one thing – and know what your Why is to support it: why is that one thing important to you, why is it your focused pursuit? Then focus on it.

The people who focus, accomplish. They are the 2%.

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