[recent conversation with a real-life colleague, scene = me walking into an office where said colleague “X” was working]

Me: Hi X!

X: Hi!

[insert some familiar casual and enjoyable chit-chat]

Me: Are you still working at your other job too?

X: Yes.

Me: How many hours at both places do you work?

X: 12 here, 15 there.

Me: Does that work well for you?

X: I want more hours there. I want the money.

[conversation continues for a short bit…]


This example of a real-life conversation compels me to ask you a question today:

Why do you work?

  • Money?
  • Love?
  • Fame?
  • Accolades?
  • Pressure from someone or something else?

When X so openly stated, “I want the money”, something inside of me clicked.

Yes, we work for money. It’s one very common exchange of our life for something else.


All the same, X’s comment felt….slightly… disconnected.

Not because money doesn’t matter.


Rather, that it was so automatic in X’s reply, to say it was for the money, that it gave me internal pause.

  1. No judgment: we all work and ‘do’ things for whatever reason suits us. Money’s legit and I’m grateful for X to want to do so.
  2. There are literally millions of ways we can earn, acquire and work for money. As well, there are a million reasons we all chose to exchange our time for money.

Coming from a service mindset and also wanting to earn money, it was an unexpected glimpse at how money plays into our lives. What felt surprising was the clear statement of money instead of service or affection for the work being the immediate statement.


Working is a connection for all of us, in whatever shape and form it takes for us.


So while I’m mulling over why I’m noodling on this interaction, I’d ask you: why do you work?

Tell me in the comments below. I’m keen to learn your reasons for working.