What’s Your Story?

What's your story?

“This* was ready yesterday, but I wasn’t. I did some minor editing this morning but I am still not sure how happy I am with it. I kept telling myself “it’s just an exercise to learn from”, but struggled just the same.”

This* is an assignment from one of our Connector’s Academy students.

  • They knew they needed to do it, for themselves and the cohort.
  • They held themselves to it.
  • And they were honest in their actual execution.


Honesty is really pretty simple. It’s recognizing what you’re doing, what you complete, and then owning what you do and don’t finish, stop and otherwise engage with.

Honesty is hardest for each of us – not for the ‘other’ person possible involved. Why is it hard to be honest without selves sometimes?

What's your story?

Are you ready to do the work?

Because we’re our own worst critic as well as our most enthusiastic champion.

Because we pass judgment on ourselves, when what we need to do is give grace, figure out why we are or aren’t Doing The Work. And make a determination: Is this the best, right work for right now?

I’m grateful and proud of our growing Academy cohort. If you’d like to grow with a select group of people, determined to improve, better themselves and their impact in this crazy short life, join us.


The Connector’s Academy  registration link.

Once a month you get a specific lesson + focused coaching in the group. The size of the classes stay small, to ensure personalized coaching to you, every time. Plus in-between-classes you get notices, resources and relevant goodies to support your growth.

It’s a pleasure coaching people who really are willing to grow – not just say they want to… or should…

Willing = successful.