Scene: Ongoing conversation with friend + colleague (= frolleague), checking in on each other, seeing what they’re up to, how we can support each other… email conversation excerpt below.



That’s really good to hear, tell me about your breakthroughs, was it breakthrough in a way of thinking or what you’re doing?


Breakthrough: 2 – 3 key people, new connections & growing friendships from the mastermind… one in specific (at retreat) helped me get superdupercrystalclear on my vision: Developing leaders into world-class connectors.…that has fueled everything, including a drafting desk size piece of paper with my roadmap on it. who, how, what, $ – all fleshing out to march forward.
And the beauty of it? It clears away the ‘maybe’ junk and non-needle moving crap to serve the 3 groups I’m serving.
Feels sooooooooo great!

To be clear, I did a ton of front end connecting with everyone, as you know – which is the mover for me, the connecting which I love and need to keep doing as the expert.

Interestingly enough in all the groups I serve, speaking to connect = top service.