Where Do You Make Connections?

From Capitol Hill connections…

Connections can begin anywhere, literally.

From Capitol Hill to the breakfast table…

Think of some of the people you know: where did you meet them?

When I cogitate this very question, I find it fascinating to track the chain of custody back to the very first interaction (aka First Move). How and where did we meet? Why did we engage? What’s happened since?

Connectivity is all about bringing opportunity to life in everyday circumstances.

  • Headed to a meeting: Who would you really like to connect with?
  • Going to the grocery store: What are your opportunities there?
  • Traveling by plane: Who could you potentially meet in that scenario?
  • Hanging out with friends: What fun topics can you talk about?

...to breakfast giggling: you can make them anywhere.

What I love most about connecting is that when the mind is open – when our Mindset is receptive to possibilities – everything can happen. Expect the unexpected. Be ready.

I’ve meet some lifelong friends and colleagues on planes, at conventions, in stores and pubs.

Connectivity embraces and supports curious people who want to see who’s doing what in the world.

Are you one of those people?

Tell me in the comments below: where do you like to make connections?

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