Where Is Your Quality On Display?

For some of us, me included, it’s sometimes a challenge to “show” people our quality standards.

We have testimonial pages, offer brochures (virtual & hard copy), reference various re/sources…yet it’s difficult for some to wrap their minds around a service as capable of a quality component.

Having returned from the inaugural CIA Crafting Beer & Food Summit, Napa CA, I can tell you quality can be obvious as soon as someone opens their mouth. Let me expound.

Nicole Erny is well-known in the beer community for various accomplishments. I heard Nicole speak on the closing panel and was impressed with her fortitude, clear opinions, and forthrightness. Confidence of self voice tone is one way to show commitment to quality. I told Nicole as much afterwards, since all speakers enjoy useful feedback.

Another example: some brewers I’ve met in recent years were slightly confrontational and definitely arrogant in their conversation – perhaps more like monologues sometimes. Putting confidence over the edge into arrogance is never helpful, attractive, or good for brand building. Having your middle finger up via what comes out of your mouth is a turn off and bad for business. To me it’s an obvious sign of less than comprehensive commitment to quality.

CIA GreystoneWhy would they brag about something that they feel like they have to defend? If it ain’t quality focused, I ain’t interested. And neither are many consumers.

Sure, you may get a curious hit or two, a few sales around the exploration of seeing what the kerfuffle is all about..and then it dies on the vine. It’s a terrible way for passion to fizz out.

Quality is queen in every regard. Quality takes more time, more energy, more resources, more thoughtfulness, and more money. And it’s always worth it.

Long standing successful companies and entities of all tax status focus on the quality of product, service, and delivery. They work smart & hard to ensure the entire cycle of inception to purchase to maintenance is well maintained. They adjust as needed, flex and bend, and area always looking forward to perpetuate a solid ground on which is exist.

I’d encourage you to adopt a quality mindset if you haven’t already. Make it universal and it’ll change your world for the better. It may mean forgoing certain things at times or delaying yet you’ll be supporting a better directive for all.

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