Your website if not for you.

It’s for your customers, your community, your past present and future clients.

A public website is all about communication with the world. It’s your unique singular magic platform that you – and you alone – can control and manage and develop. It’s a phenomenal opportunity for human connection to begin, virtually.


Or not.


Here’s the deal.

If you choose to use a non-public web page as your primary site, the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, know that you’ll be available for a lot of people. No doubt.

Know also that in doing so, you’re not entirely open to everyone, like a website is. Any page that is not a public site is, therefore, a semi-private or private membership-only one.

The long-time marketer in me is always flummoxed by people who choose to only use semi-private and private sites, if they want to build.

Now, to be clear: private and semi-private can be suitable choices if you’ve got a truly exclusive audience. If you wish to stay under the radar, operate quietly and do not want attention other than the attention you expressly cultivate. Priya Parker’s brilliant book, The Art of Gathering, explains how exclusivity is a very useful concept and practice, when intentionally purposeful to an end goal.

What I’m talking about here is human connection.

Human connection is about willingness to share, invite, educate and consider opening what you share to Everyone. Not just some-ones.

It’s not about adding more clients if you’re mature or later career.

It’s about communicating, with everyone.

It’s not about you, nor is it for you.

Early career, later career, new career…

In every case, when you have a public website, the whole world can find you. The whole world that has access to this magic we call the worldwide web.

If not, know you’re limiting your reach, impact and potential movement momentum.

It’s your choice, clearly. Simply keep in mind: your website isn’t about you. It’s about people being able to connect with you.